The Surprisingly Sweet Way This Husband ‘Cheated’ on His Wife

By Tiare Dunlap

“Kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I think I sort of cheated on my wife today,” begins a Utah man’s Facebook post that has been shared over 200,000 times.

But don’t worry – the Internet fully approves.

Jason Helwett of Salt Lake City, Utah, took to Facebook Tuesday to describe how he was “knocked out” by the beauty of a woman in front of him in the checkout line at Target.

He writes that he had stopped by the store to get “a few manly things,” including eyebrow tweezers, beef jerky and a loofah, when he “saw some woman in line that knocked me out.”

“I thought, ‘Wow, some lucky guy is with her,’ ” he writes, adding that a second later, he realized the stranger he was ogling was his own wife.

“I was taken aback by how amazingly beautiful she is once again,” he wrote. “I believe I see it often, but today, not knowing she was at the store, I saw her with new eyes and just couldn’t believe I get to be her fella.”