Man’s post about cheating on his wife goes viral

SALT LAKE CITY, UT_ A Salt Lake City man has the internet going wild after posting a status about cheating on his wife. Well, “sort of.”

Facebook user Jason Hewlett said he eyed another woman in the checkout line in Target. “As I went to pay I saw this woman in line that knocked me out. I thought, ‘Wow, some lucky guy is with her,’” Hewlett said.

However, he then realized that lucky woman was indeed his wife.

They were both running errands that day. “You know, it was just out of context to see my spouse at the same store, in the same line, living her life and not knowing she might be at the same place, same time, different car.”

Now everyone is praising Hewlett for his post. It has over 320,000 likes, 44,000 comments and 209,000 shares!

The attention prompted his wife Tami to create a post of her own.

She says she trusts Jason 100% and is grateful that he sees the beauty in all people.