Cute or creepy? Man details on Facebook how he checked out a beautiful woman at Target before realizing she was his WIFE – and is labeled as both ‘sweet’ and ‘weird’

A Utah man’s Facebook post detailing how he ‘checked out’ a beautiful woman ahead of him in the line at Target — only to realize just a moment later that the object of his admiration was, in fact, his own wife — has split online opinion, having been praised as sweet and romantic, and been accused of being a total creep.

Jason Hewlett, 37, from Salt Lake City had visited the department store by himself to pick up a few things and couldn’t help but stare at an ‘amazingly beautiful’ woman a few feet away.

But when it occurred to him that this lady was his own wife, Tami, 39, who had come to the store separately, he was reminded of how lucky he was to have found her — and decided to share his feelings onFacebook.

In a Facebook post that he shared on Tuesday, Jason wrote that he was ‘kind of embarrassed to admit’ that he ‘sort of cheated’ on his wife that day.

He didn’t actually commit adultery, though. He just momentarily admired another woman in his mind — or at least, he thought it was another woman.

Jason was picking up a few items at Target when, he said, ‘I saw this woman in line that knocked me out’.

‘I thought, “Wow, some lucky guy is with her,”‘ he added. ‘And in a split second I realized it was my wife!’

Jason tried to hit on her via text message, sending her cutesy lines like ‘Hey Hottie’ and ‘What are you buying now my Babelicious?’, but she didn’t check her phone. Failing to get her attention, he ‘instead just stood back and silently observed my feelings about this woman’.

‘First off, I was taken aback by how amazingly beautiful she is once again. I believe I see it often, but today, not knowing she was at the store, I saw her with new eyes and just couldn’t believe I get to be her fella,’ he wrote.

‘Second, it amazed me that she didn’t notice me in the slightest. This is both a good and a bad thing. Good in that she doesn’t have a wandering eye. Good in that she didn’t see the creepy dude with the overgrown mink on his face peering over her shoulder.

‘But it was also bad because I realized how close I came to not ever winning her love in the first place, and the herculean efforts I had to make all those years ago to even get her attention just to say yes to one date!’ he went on. ‘For a minute I felt that familiar grief of doom when I first saw her and knew well, that’s impossible. But somehow I nabbed her despite my insecurities, inabilities, and imperfections.’

Ultimately, though, he said he was happy to see her as ‘the independent, capable, humble, fun, sweet, kind, awesome person she is’.

Jason noted that his wife rarely looks at Facebook and was unlikely to see his post — though that has surely changed since it has gone viral, earning over 209,000 shares — but offered his readers a lesson: ‘It’s good to look at those we love with fresh eyes whenever we can to remind us how lucky we are to have their light in our lives.’

His post has received thousands of comments, with many people gushing over Jason’s sweet words about his wife and calling him ‘sweet’ and an ‘old romantic’.

‘What an amazing. loving, sweet man you are! Your wife is lucky to have you and she will be blown away when she sees that you posted this,’ wrote Angela Bacchiochi Homan.

Peggy Easler-Wright added: ‘Your wife is a very lucky girl. I do hope she sees this post.’

However, a few have pointed out the double standard that Jason said he was glad to know his wife ‘doesn’t have a wandering eye’ — even though he admitted that he does.

‘[But] her husband obviously has a roving eye because he was looking at this beautiful woman some guy was lucky to have before he knew it was his wife,’ wrote Monessa Aites-Shifley.

‘You’re weird, get some help,’ Christopher Callender said.

‘Anyone else think this is really funny and the guy is a total creeper?’ asked Jeremy Hill, while Simon Marcellus Geddie succinctly offered: ‘I almost threw up.’