My Wife in The Spotlight

My Incredible, Beautiful Tami

My Incredible, Beautiful Tami

A few months ago our office received a request to have me speak at Midvale Middle School.  They had a small amount of money and were going to figure out how to make it happen to have me do an assembly for their school.  We figured it out and set the date.

I mentioned in passing to my wife that I would be speaking at Midvale MS, to which she excitedly replied, “That’s where I went to middle school!”

I thought I knew my wife better than that!  I should’ve known that’s where she went.

And so, we contacted the school back, revoked the invoice, told them they were getting the assembly for their school FOR FREE.  They were thrilled.  Of course, it was in honor of my Tami.

Yes, she's in that school photo somewhere, big hair and all, vintage 1980's

Yes, she’s in that school photo somewhere, big hair and all, vintage 1980’s

In this month of October 2014, we are doing 8 schools for free in the State of Utah.  Next month we have a few as well, and into 2015.  We unfortunately can’t accept all requests, as my goal is to have time to be with family more in 2015 than I have since my career began.  I’ll be doing around 200 events this year, many of them at schools.  In other words, if you want a free assembly you may be on a little bit of a waiting list.  That said, please don’t count yourself out, as we hope to fulfill as many requests as we can, and where we are unable we have a full roster of incredible Speakers waiting in the wings to help out.

I like how this act of giving back from here on out to kids in Utah came about because of my wife’s former school contacting us.  As a family we focus much of our efforts, and much of my time, on giving back.  Many a morning I have woken up at 5 AM to quietly sneak out the door on my way to an early morning school assembly, or teacher training, sometimes driving 3-4 hours to be there in time.  Always up and ready to pack my lunch, give me a kiss, and tell me I’m awesome for doing this charity work is that most incredible support of my life: My Wife.

Where I receive the applause from the stage, she is the one who deserves the praise.  As she cares for the children, gets them ready for school, does their homework with them, puts them to bed at night, without the father who is gone, either making a living (sometimes) or giving my speech and show to kids and schools that could never have the chance to see it otherwise.  The woman at home makes it possible, her support is unearthly, and I am so grateful to have married this kind of woman that would not only support such a career but also encourage my giving as much away as possible.


I don’t write this to share how much I speak or perform for free, as much as my hope that you might understand it helps to have a team to give, to serve, to love at such a capacity.  In our home the leader of the Team is Mommy.  We love her, respect her, and she is the Spotlight of our lives.  Her stage and performance in the home is as to watch a Master creator, whether teaching the children, turning the house from a regular space into a gorgeous home, or pulling together a birthday party last minute that would rival anything Martha Stewart could imagine.

I married up, simple as that, and anyone who knows my wife can tell you so.

A special thing also happened when we did the assembly for Midvale Middle School.  The administration asked Tami to come to the assembly, and be recognized, not only for her service to the school in allowing me to come do the assembly, but also as the Spotlighted Alum for the Month.  Here it is posted on their web site

I am so proud of my wife, what she has done in her life, the person she is, the gift she has given me and my audiences to help me arrive on time, support my efforts, and do every show.  It’s us, Together, always, even (maybe especially) when she’s not present to be applauded by the audience.

How have you supported your loved one this day?  How have you done, what only you can do, to give your talents, gifts, and spread the joy of the gifts of those around you, to serve the world?  We all have a Signature Move, or many, and I’m grateful to say I married a woman with the Signature Move of Giving.

She is always in The Spotlight.



My Wife, Tami, Speaking on Stage at Midvale Middle School prior to my performance

My Wife, Tami, Speaking on Stage at Midvale Middle School prior to my performance


Mommy and our Baby Boy visit her MIddle School

Mommy and our Baby Boy visit her MIddle School


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