Day 1 of Homeschool


Day 1 of Homeschool.

Reflections on this day:

1. Excited to see how this goes
2. Scared out of my mind
3. Hope I have the right lesson plans and haven’t over-scheduled, or possibly under-prepared
4. Praying I can keep running my business properly, respond to all the needs, emails, and continue to create, all while teaching the young lady beside me in my office the essentials of elementary school life I just pulled her from
5. Reading scriptures, setting goals and understanding her interests for what to learn, the assigned novels, and the writing assignment together was magical
6. Eating lunch, smiling, laughing, holding hands, hugging – this is amazing
7. 2 business calls, 20 emails responded to, all while setting up my daughter’s online business of sewing and cooking treats
8. Listening to her shriek with joy as she progressed rapidly at learning typing on the keyboard
9. Dropping her off at Math tutor – I’m not touching that subject with an x+y=Daddy has no idea, sorry kids
10. Stopping at Maverik for a celebratory treat in accomplishing our first homeschool day.

Yes, my friends, for those of you that have followed my hopes and dreams, today was the first official day of homeschool for my oldest child. I told her she is the one we are testing this on, as I have worked for 10 years to make homeschool run by Daddy an option and a reality. My schedule is finally at a place where I’m not traveling 20 days a month, the back office is running smoothly enough to not have too many fires burning, and although I thought I may need more time to “get ready” I just realized a few weeks ago that now is the time and I had to go for it or never would. The day I would feel ready would never arrive, and sometimes you just have to jump out of the airplane of comfort and hope the parachute is packed correctly.

So many families have inspired and encouraged us, and although the detractors and naysayers are louder than ever, I understand what I’m doing and taking on. Trust me, I’ve done years of homework on this endeavor and do not tread ignorantly. It is thrilling. It is the greatest opportunity and dream I’ve had as a Dad, to be with, and learn from, these children all day, every day. This whole thing is frightening and wonderful and….just right.

This has nothing to do with the school where she was, which was an amazing school. Her brothers are still there, that’s how much we love it. This has everything to do with my desire to be with my kids all day, to learn with them, to facilitate their interests, to expose them to The Classics, to Mentors I have surrounded myself with, to learn business, entrepreneurship, and to become Statesmen of the kind from yesteryear. The more I am with these children, the better I become. 9 years until she may be moving out, I can’t allow that time to slip by anymore, as I’ve been gone too long making a living, now I get to do both and have her by my side.

Today was one of the best days I’ve ever lived.

Tomorrow may be a disaster. Or amazing. Or both.

I can’t wait for the journey, and the ride, as I live this dream, which turns out is her desire as well, as she has begged me to pull her from school for over 2 years. Now is the time.

I’m grateful for Tami and her support, as well as those that have been encouraging. For those that say this won’t last, you may be right, but you also said that about my career, so….yeah.

Day 1 of Homeschool – in the books! And seared in my heart as a day I’ll never forget!

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