A Goodbye to Ashlee Smoot

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Dear Friends~

It is with extreme sorrow that we say goodbye to the amazing, beautiful, athletic, incredible Ashlee Smoot.  She passed on Saturday night, March 12, 2016, surrounded by her family, children, and husband.

We found out she had Stage 4 Cancer 17 months ago.  Pretty weird diagnosis for the embodiment of health, physical fitness, mountain biking fanatic, and young mother of 3.  At 32 she was given little chance to survive even 6 months. Since she’s a fighter, she lasted nearly triple that.  No one was surprised.


You supported Ashlee even if you didn’t know Ashlee.

You supported this young mother either by attending the unbelievably powerful event we held in her honor in April 2015 at Salt Lake Community College’s Grand Theater, or perhaps just by wishing her well on her blog or in Facebook comments, or perhaps sending a prayer to heaven for her health to be sustained, or for a miracle.

And the miracles did happen – constantly.

She lived, she loved, was and is loved.

She changed the lives of all around her just by helping us realize we all have a mortal clock, to hold our families closer, to give more than we receive, to face death’s grasp with no fear.

Thank you for your support of our dear Ashlee.

She married into our very close extended family, married my 2nd cousin-once removed, Audy Smoot.  I remember the first time I saw her, I said to Audy, “Geez.  Nice hustle, bro.”  He smiled because he knew it was true.  What a Beauty.

I’m so grateful to have felt her influence in my life, and in turn have committed to be a better father, husband, man because I knew such a woman, saw this family, their companionship, and felt their great love and strength.

Her funeral will be this Saturday.  I just had to email two clients with the news I would be late to our scheduled events for my performances that day….and because my clients understand my commitment to family they so awesomely rescheduled my time so I can attend this sacred event with my family in honor of Ashlee, and then do their events.

This has been impossible to process, so I am writing about it in order to share, uplift, and send love your way.

We all go through stuff that makes no sense, except to The One who knows why we must go through it, someday we’ll know.

It’s my prayer for you that you might know you are loved, and may express that love always, as often as possible, to all around you.  I’ve come to understand that is what life is literally all about.

Love You Always ~



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