How Keynoting for Keynote Speakers Almost Killed Me

  “You think you’re a ‘Speaker’?  You think you’re a ‘Keynoter’?  I’m sorry to break it to you, but you have no content, no message, and no one considers you a Speaker from what I just heard you do up there.  You are an ‘Entertainer’, you are ‘After Dinner Entertainment’, that’s it!  Don’t try and be anything else, because you have nothing we want to hear but your entertainment, singing, and funny stuff. Now, if you want to become a Speaker someday, if you really want to invest in yourself and become a true Keynoter, well then here’s my card, I am a Speaker Coach, call me when you’re ready to make this happen.”  This was the comment on the furthest, most hurtful side of the spectrum, in the hallway surrounded by my speaking peers following my Saturday Evening Keynote Presentation at the NSA National Speakers Association Influence Conference in Phoenix, AZ, July 23, 2016. The speaker coach’s business card sits here on my desk, right next to the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame statue I received 2 days later. I can only imagine what this speaker coach thought watching me accept that award on Monday night, since it was a big
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