Speakers from 2015 Smart Events

By Meena Ramakrishnan on November 30, 2015

Jason Hewlett

Jason Hewlett’s mouth stretches to extreme angles. His nose twitches and his eyebrows dance around in a manic way. Few people have found their calling by the way their face moves, but Hewlett beams with pride at how his oddities have led to a wildly successful public speaking career. “Like I say, ‘You have talents I don’t have. I have talents you don’t want!’” he laughs.

As bizarre as it looks, Hewlett transfixes audiences time and time again with what he calls his signature move. Audiences roar in laughter at his outrageous acts and imitations, which include the likes of Michael Jackson, Jim Carrey and Elton John, to name a few.

Hewlett admits that it takes hours of practice and studying the way people walk, talk and act in order to pull off a convincing impression. “The challenge comes due to the fact that none of us sound exactly like another, because we are all so unique,” he says. “In order to put forth an amazing imitation, we must understand the essence of the musician we are imitating.”

Like many speakers, Hewett loves to see an entire room lit up with joy. But his performances are intended to go beyond entertainment. If his audiences are inspired to similarly share their own greatness, he knows he has succeeded. “I want them to know they can live a happy life and feel pure joy when they embrace what makes them amazing,” Hewlett says. “This lifts our desires to perform at work and do our job better. This gives us purpose at home. This raises our meaning in life.”

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